It all started on a whim -- I wanted to make something fun for my nieces and nephews, and they were all into the Sesame Street characters.  I also needed to help pay bills while my husband was in college.  

I was doing various arts and crafts and started playing with a design for a fun puppet.  They were instantly a huge hit with the family.  I tried them out at some local craft shows and things just took off.  Before I knew it I was buying rolls of fur, hundreds of yards, directly from the mills.  I had six people sewing and we were shipping hundreds of puppets a week!

In 1982, on the way to the hospital to have our first baby, I had to stop off and deliver fur to be sewn!  Honest!

A few years later, several moves and a couple more children I stopped producing Cuddly Critters.  The mills in the USA started dropping production of quality fake fur and supply started to dry up.

Lately some off-shore mills have again started producing high quality fake fur and we decided to again start up production.

Today, just like in the past, all Cuddly Critter Puppets are handmade!  I work with local retired seamstresses, stay at home moms and fun women who all enjoy putting their talents to great use.

Cottage Boutique

Pine Cone Wreaths

Ccountry Crafts

Tole Painting

Rocks to Riches - Sapphire Mining

Cuddly Critter Puppets

Family Tree Hearts

The Wallflowers Painting - murals and faux finishes

Various Arts & Crafts

Fairy Journals/wands and halos

Custom Doll Trunks

Some products and businesses that I have created and started!


Yes, that is Cheryl in 1981!